Weapon Defense Cores

Weapon Defense Cores

These weapon defense cores are best used on defensive sets.  If you combine them with great pieces then you will have an awesome set.  The figures below are without any pieces attached. I’ve shown most of these cores with legendary cores as a huge difference between level 5 and level 6. Obviously not all my cores are legendary so I can’t show you the full stats until I get them so please bear with me on this.

Weapon Defense Cores

Nine Dragon Trident Core

nine dragon trident lv 6, Weapon Defense Cores

Weapon Defense Cores

Cavalry Attack                                                   83%-100%

Strategic Cavalry Attack                                  84%-101%

Infantry Defense                                                31%-37%

Strategic Infantry Defense                               33%-40%

Troop Defense Bonus                                       109%-131%

Strategic Troop Defense Bonus                      110%-131%


Sai Core

sai core lv 6, Weapon Defense Cores

Troop Defense Bonus                                                         86%-104%

Strategic Troop Defense Bonus                                        86%-104%

Enemy Infantry Defense debuff                                      24%-28%

Enemy Strategic Infantry Defense debuff                     24%-28%

Infantry Attack                                                                  75%-90%

Strategic Infantry Attack                                                 75%-90%


Star Blade Core

star blade lv6, Weapon Defense Cores

Troop Defense Bonus                                                         80%-96%

Strategic Troop Defense Bonus                                        80%-96%

Troop Health Bonus                                                           89%-106%

Strategic Troop Health Bonus                                           89%-106%

Enemy Ranged Attack Debuff                                           29%-35%

Enemy Strategic Ranged Attack Debuff                           29%-35%


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