U|B 8 Way Kill Event 25.10.15

So this weekend we had another 8 way kill event.

U|B took away a lot from the last 8 way kill event and we improved how we played based around this. We still  played mainly offensively and improved our traps using our trap development programme. We did not hold  wonder fir any prolonged periods of time but we did attack them.

We had a pretty active alliance for the best part and 20 people on zero points…..some were farms.

We as an alliance placed first between all kingdoms and the kingdom placed second of eight.

We ended the event on over 12.3billion points.

We did find a lot of alliances keen for points and just observing how others didn’t really check statistics before hitting is fascinating. We all get caught by traps from time to time but some kingdoms are full of them lol.

It was a pretty successful event all in all and two other Rhetian alliances placed in the top 10…BaAR and ZaH.

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