Secret Helmet Cores

Secret Helmet Cores

This is a list of all the secret helmet cores from game of war.  For secret core recipes check out the Secret Core Recipes page.


Scorching Gaze Helm : Helmet

Ancient Disk Core    :   Cavalry Set

AncientDiskCore, secret helmet cores

secret helmet cores

 1: Benben Stonebenben stone - Copy 2: Osiris Mace Headosiris Mace Head - Copy  3: Bennu Feathersbennu feathers - Copy
4: Emerging Sunemerging sun - Copy   5: Hathors Milkhathors milk - Copy 6: Tamarisk Branchtamarisk branch - Copy

Scorching Gaze


scorchingGaze, secret helmet cores

secret helmet cores



Divine Entity Core : Helmet

Helm Core: Rusted Headdress Core     :   Infantry

Rusted Headdress Core, secret helmet cores

secret helmet cores

 1: Lacquer Box
Lacquer Box
2: Sake Bottle
Sake Bottle
 3: Hour Glass
4: Elegant Red Ribbon
Elegant Red Ribbon
  5: Ancient Scroll
Ancient Scroll
6: Silver Scales
Silver Scales

Divine Entity

Divine Entity, secret helmet cores

secret helmet cores


Dragon Wisdom : Helmet

Helm Core: Warlord Helm   : Ranged       

warlord helm, secret helmet cores

secret helmet cores

Secret Recipe Pieces

 1: Jade Dragonjade dragon - Copy 2: Jade Tiger  jade tiger - Copy  3: Jade Horse Jade horse - Copy
4: Jade Monkeyjade monkey - Copy   5: Dragon King Scalesdragon king scales 6: Lucky Coins  lucky coins - Copy

Dragon Wisdom

Dragon wisdom_burned, secret helmet cores

secret helmet cores



Obliteration : Helmet

Helmet: Prickling Crown core: Troop Defence/Health

Prickling crown core, secret helmet cores

secret helmet cores

Secret Recipe Pieces

 1: seal of pestilence  seal of pestilance 2: seal of war
Seal of War
 3: seal of deathSeal of Death
4: seal of famine
Seal of Famine

6:  Plague     Plague


Obliteration, secret helmet cores



Chieftain Headdress : Helmet

Helmet: Faded Headdress Core : Ranged

Faded Headdress Core, secret helmet cores

Secret Recipe Pieces

 1: Griffin Egg
     Griffin Egg
2: Eagle Standard
Eagle standard
 3: Hieroglyph Plate           Hieroglyph Plate
4: Silver Anklet
Silver anklet
  5: Natural Magnet  Natural Magnet

     6 : HookHook

Chieftain Headdress Core

Chieftain Headdress, secret helmet cores



Eagle Eye Helmet : Helmet

The Hawkridge Helm  core combined with Adhesive Mixture, Mesh Square, Thick Lens, Round Beads, Natural Magnet and Corrosive Acid creates the Eagle Eye Helmet.

Hawkridge Helm    :   Health/March

Hawkridge helm core, secret helmet cores


 1: Adhesive Mixture
adhesive mixture
2: Mesh Square
Mesh Square

3: Thick Lens

Thick Lens


4: Round Beads
round beads
5: Natural Magnet
6: Corrosive Acid
corrosive acid

Eagle Eye Helmet

Eagle Eye Helmet, secret helmet cores



Ottoman Helmet: Helmet

The Anatolian Helm core combined with Mesh Square, Nail Stake, Cloth Button, Ornamental Pin, Coating Glaze and Corrosive Acid creates the Ottoman Helmet.

  Anatolian Helm  :   Troop Attack

Anatolian Helm Core, secret helmet cores


 1: Mesh Square
Mesh Square
2: Nail Stake
nail stake

3: Cloth Button

cloth button


4: Ornamental Pin
Ornamental Pin
5: Coating Glaze
Coating Glaze
6: Corrosive Acid
corrosive acid

Ottoman Helmet

Ottoman Helmet, secret helmet cores



Helm Of Malevolence : Helmet

The Dark Helm core combined with Mud,Fiber Cushion, Desert Sand, Soft Sponge, Fine Powder and Gold Dust creates the Helm of Malevolence.

  Dark Helm  :   Troop Defence/Enemy Health Debuff

Dark Helm Core, secret helmet cores


 1: Fiber Cushion
2: Mud

3: Gold Dust

gold dust


4: Desert Sand
Desert Sand
5: Soft Sponge
Soft Sponge
6: Fine Powder
fine powder

Helm of Malevolence

Helm of Malevolence, secret helmet cores



Molten Command : Helmet

The Stone Peak Helm core combined with Tin Brick, Sandstone, Burlap, Basilisk Egg, Metal wire and Natural Magnet creates the Molten Command.

  The Stone Peak  :   Troop defence /Enemy Attack Debuff

stone peak helm, secret helmet cores


 1: Tin Brick
Tin Brick

3: Burlap


4: Basilisk Egg
Basilisk Egg
5: Metal Wire
metal wire
6: Natural Magnet
Natural Magnet

Molten Command

molten command, secret helmet cores

secret helmet cores



Wild Hog Helm: Helmet

The Boar Helm core combined with Wood Lacquer,Cloth Button,Bottle Cap,Clasp,Clip and Fine Powder creates the Wild Hog Helm.

  The Boar Helm :   Food Production/Health/March Speed

         boar helm core

 1: Wood Lacquer
wood lacquer
2:Cloth Button
 cloth button

3: Bottle Cap

bottle cap

4: Clasp
5: Clip
6: Fine Powder
fine powder

Wild Hog Helm

wild hog helm



Commander’s Helmet: Helmet

The Centurion Helm core combined with Adhesive Mixture,Metal Wire,Desert Sand,Clip,Primer Paint and Gold Dust creates the Commander’s Helmet.

  The Centurion Helm :   Cavalry Attack/Troop Health

         centurion helm core

 1: Adhesive Mixture
adhesive mixture
2:Metal Wire
 metal wire

3: Desert Sand

Desert Sand

4: Clip
5: Primer Paint
primer paint
6: Gold Dust
gold dust

Commander’s Helmet

commander's helmet



Queen Pharaoh Headdress :  Helmet

The Headdress Core combined with Grass Thorn,Mud,Hook,Desert Sand,Soft Sponge and Weight creates the Queen Pharaoh Headdress.

Headdress Core    :   Troop Attack/Enemy Troop Health Debuff 

headdress core

 1: Grass Thorn
Grass Thorn
2: Mud
 3: Hook


4: Soft Sponge

Soft Sponge

  5: Desert Sand

Desert Sand

6: Weight


Queen Pharaoh Headdress

queen pharaoh headdress


Viridian Supremacy: Helmet

The  Fragmented Helm Core combined with Emerald Spines,Dragon Eye,Dragon wing web,Emerald Crystal,Dragon Nostrils and the Dragon Tail Spade  creates the Viridian Supremacy.

Fragmented Helm    :

fragmented helm

 1: Emerald spines
emerald spines
2: Dragon Eye
dragon eye
 3: Dragon wing web

dragon wing web

4: Emerald Crystal

emerald crystal

  5: Dragon Nostrils

dragon nostrils

6: Dragon Tail Spade

dragon tail spade

Viridian Supremacy

viridian supremacy


Chilling Demise core: Helm

The Muzzle mask Core combined with Manticore Pin,Harpy Cuff,Black Fur Mantle,Venomous Snake,Nail Stake and white Fur Crest  creates the Chilling Demise.

Muzzle Mask    :

muzzle mask core

 1: Manticore Pin

manticore pin

2: Harpy Cuff

harpy cuff

 3: Black Fur Mantle

black fur mantle

4: Venomous Snake

 venomous snake

   5: Nail Stake

nail stake

6: white Fur Crest

white fur crest

Chilling Demise

chilling demise



The Seekers Great helm Core Combined with Wolf’s Teeth,Raven’s Eye,Sleipnir’s Horseshoe,Valkyries Wings,Valkyries Invocation and the Cosmic Ether Creates Ethereal Great helm

Helmet: Seekers Great helm core

Seekers Greathelm

Secret Recipe Pieces

 1: Wolf’s Teeth
wolfs teeth
2: Raven’s Eye
ravens eye
 3: Sleipnir’s Horseshoe
sleipnirs horseshoe
4: Valkyries Wings
valkyries wings
  5:Valkyries Invocation

valkyries invocation

6: Cosmic Ether

cosmic ether

=  ethereal greathelm

Ethereal Great helm


Helmet: Astral Helm core

The Astral Helm Core combined with Solar Light,Constellations,Celestial Essence,Starlight Essence, Cosmic Essence and Astral Essence creates Ascended Mind

Astral Helm Core
Secret Recipe Pieces

 1: Solar Light
  solar light
2: Constellations
 3: Celestial Essence

Celestial Essence

4:Starlight Essence
   Starlight Essence
  5:Cosmic Essence
Cosmic Essence
6: Astral Essence       

Astral Essence

Ascended Mind

Ascended Mind


Helmet: Frozen Helm Core

The Frozen Helm Core combined with Winter Essence ,Frozen Soul,Icy Grip,Frost Ore,Frozen Breath and Broken Antler creates the Frostbitten Howl

Frozen Helm Core
Secret Recipe Pieces

Winters Essence

Winter Essence

Frozen Soul

Frozen Soul

Icy Grip

Icy Grip

Frost Ore

Frost Ore

Frozen Breath

Frozen Breath

Broken Antler

Broken Antler

Frostbitten Howl

Froztbitten howl


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