Secret Foot Armor

Secret Foot Armor cores

This is a list of all the secret foot armor cores from game of war.  For secret core recipes check out the Secret Core Recipes page.

Scorching Reign : Foot armour

Ancient Garb Core    :   Cavalry Set

ancient garb core, secret foot armor

secret foot armor

 1: Benben Stonebenben stone - Copy 2: Osiris Mace Headosiris Mace Head - Copy  3: Bennu Feathersbennu feathers - Copy
4: Emerging Sunemerging sun - Copy   5: Hathors Milkhathors milk - Copy 6: Tamarisk Branchtamarisk branch - Copy

Scorching Reign


scorching reign core, secret foot armor

secret foot armor



Divine Journey  :Foot Armour

Feet Core: Fisherman Sandals Core    :   Infantry

Fishermans Sandle Core, secret foot armor

secret foot armor

 1: Lacquer Box
Lacquer Box
2: Sake Bottle
Sake Bottle
 3: Hour Glass
4: Elegant Red Ribbon
Elegant Red Ribbon
  5: String of Coins
String of coins
6: Sea Horse statue
Sea Horse Statue

Divine Journey

Divine Journey, secret foot armor

secret foot armor




Dragon Eminance:  Foot Armour

foot Armour: Imperial Battle Skirt          :   Ranged

imperial battle skirt, secret foot armor

secret foot armor

Secret Recipe Pieces

 1: Jade Dragonjade dragon - Copy 2: Jade Tiger  jade tiger - Copy  3: Jade Horse Jade horse - Copy
4: Jade Monkeyjade monkey - Copy   5: Three legged Toad
Three legged toad
6: Lucky Coins  lucky coins - Copy

Dragon eminence

imperial battle skirt, secret foot armor

secret foot armor



Mutilation: Foot Armour

Foot Armour: Aching Legs core:  Troop Attack/Health

Arching legs core
Secret Recipe Pieces

 1: Seal of pestilence
seal of pestilance
2: Seal of war
Seal of War
 3: Seal of deathSeal of Death
4: Seal of famine
   Seal of Famine
6:  Mortality      Mortaility


Mutilation, secret foot armor

secret foot armor



Titanic Destroyers: Feet

Feet: Titan Shin Core: Health

Titan Shin Core, secret foot armor

secret foot armor

Secret Recipes Pieces:  

 1: ClaspClasp 2: Magnet
Natural Magnet
 3: Ancient SpindleAncient spindle
4: Brass key

Brass key

  5: Bronze Coins

Bronze coins

6: Terracotta


Titanic Destroyers

Titanic Destroyers, secret foot armor

secret foot armor



Penetrative Boots: Feet

Feet: Swine Bone Boot Core   :   Cavalry Set

swine boot core, secret foot armor

secret foot armor

 1: Adhesive Mixture
adhesive mixture
2: Metal Wire
metal wire
 3: Clip


4: Primer Paint

primer paint

  5: Soft Sponge

Soft Sponge

6: Fine Powder

fine powder

Penetrative Boots

Penetrative boots, secret foot armor

secret foot armor



Leg shields: Feet

Leg warmers core    :   Troop Attack/March Speed

leg warmers, secret foot armor

secret foot armor


 1: Mud
2: Hook
 3: Cloth Button

cloth button

4: Clasp


 5: Clip


Leg Shields

Leg shields, secret foot armor

secret foot armor



Pareo Skirt : Feet

The Pareo  core combined with Mud,Fiber Cushion,Bottle Cap,Desert Sand,Soft Sponge and Gold Dust creates the Pareo Skirt.

Pareo    :   Defence/Health/March

  pareo core

 1: Mud
2: Fiber Cushion

3: Bottle Cap

bottle cap


4: Desert Sand
Desert Sand
5: Soft Sponge
Soft Sponge
6: Gold Dust
gold dust

Pareo Skirt

pareo Skirt



Wrecking Ball Chain: Feet

The Ball and Chain core combined with Fiber Cushion,Poison,Polish Liquid,Ornamental Pin,Soft Sponge and Fine Powder creates the Wrecking Ball Chain.

  Ball and Chain  :   Troop Defence

  Ball and Chain Core

 1: Fiber Cushion
2: Poison

3: Polish Liquid

polish liquid


4: Ornamental Pin
Ornamental Pin
5: Soft Sponge
Soft Sponge
6: Fine Powder
fine powder

Wrecking Ball Chain

Wrecking Ball Chain



Boots of Hidden Claws: Foot Armor

The Concealing Boot core combined with Mud,Wood Lacquer,Thick Lens,Bottle Cap,Desert Sand and Weight creates the Boots of Hidden Claws.

  Concealing Boot  :   Troop Attack/Defence/March

  concealing boot core

 1: Mud
2: Wood Lacquer
 wood lacquer

3: thick Lens

Thick Lens


4: Bottle Cap
bottle cap
5: Desert Sand
Desert Sand
6: weight

Boots of Hidden Claw

Boots of hidden claw



Boots of Monstrosity: Foot Armor

The Behemoth Boots core combined with Fatty Oil,Silk Thread,Quartz,Burlap,Freak Coin and Toy Horse creates the Boots of Monstrocity.

  The  Behemoth Boots :   Ranged Attack/Health/March Speed

  behemoth boots

 1: Fatty Oil
Fatty Oils
2:Silk Thread
 Silk Thread

3: Burlap


4: Quartz
5: Freak Coin
Freak coin
6: Toy Horse
Toy Horse

Boots of Monstrocity

boots of monstrosity



Prosthesis : Foot Armor

The Prosthetic Leg core combined with Mesh Square,Nail Stake,Cloth Button,Ornamental Pin,Desert Sand and Corrosive Acid creates the Prosthesis.

Prosthetic Leg Core    :   Infantry Attack/Infantry Defence/Troop Health 

prosthetic leg core

 1: Mesh Square
Mesh Square
2: Nail Stake
nail stake
 3: Cloth Button

cloth button

4: Ornamental Pin

Ornamental Pin

  5: Desert Sand

Desert Sand

6: Corrosive Acid

corrosive acid




Viridian Vigilance: Foot Armor

The Smashed Greaves Core combined with Emerald Spines,Dragon Eye,Dragon wing web,Emerald Crystal,Emerald Leather,Dragon Foot  creates the Viridian Vigilance.

Smashed Greaves   :

smashed greaves

 1: Emerald spines
emerald spines
2: Dragon Eye
dragon eye
 3: Dragon wing web

dragon wing web

4: Emerald Crystal

emerald crystal

  5: Emerald Leather

emerald leather

6: Dragon Foot

dragon foot

Viridian Vigilance

viridian vigilance



The Seekers Greaves Core Combined with Wolf’s Teeth,Raven’s Eye,Sleipnir’s Horseshoe,Valkyries Wings,Valkyries Invocation and the Asgardian Ingot Creates Ethereal Greaves

Foot Armor: Seekers Greaves core

seekers greaves

Secret Recipe Pieces

 1: Wolf’s Teeth
wolfs teeth
2: Raven’s Eye
ravens eye
 3: Sleipnir’s Horseshoe
sleipnirs horseshoe
4: Valkyries Wings
valkyries wings
  5:Valkyries Invocation

valkyries invocation

6: Asgardian Ingot

asgardian ingot

=  ethereal greaves

Ethereal Greaves


Foot Armour: Astral Belt  core

The Astral Belt Core combined with the Solar Light,Constellations,Celestial Essence,Starlight Essence, Comet Trail and Herald of Anguish creates Ascended Steps

astral belt core
Secret Recipe Pieces

 1: Solar Light
  solar light
2: Constellations
 3: Celestial Essence

Celestial Essence

4: Starlight Essence
   Starlight Essence
  5:Comet Trail
  comet trail
6: Herald of Anguish     

herald of anguish

Ascended Steps

ascended steps


Foot Armour: Frozen Battle Kilt

The Frozen Battle Kilt Core combined with the Winter Essence ,Frozen Soul,Icy Grip,Frost,Winter Glass,Frost Steel and ice Crystal makes the Frostbitten Silence

Frozen Battle Kilt Core
Secret Recipe Pieces

Winters Essence

Winter Essence

Frozen Soul

Frozen Soul

Icy Grip

Icy Grip

Frost Steel

Frost Steel

Ice Crystal

Ice crystal

Winter Glass

Winter Glass

Frostbitten Silence

Frostbitten Silence


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