Secret Cores

This page contains all the secret cores recipes from Game Of War.  By combining these secret cores and pieces you will gain great power to help you be victorious in your battles.

If you are looking for specific secret cores check out the corresponding pages.

Secret Helmet Cores Secret Armor Cores Secret Foot Armor Secret Weapon Cores Secret Accessory Cores Secret Asteroid Cores Secret Comet Cores Secret Dragon Bone Core Set Secret Dragon King Core Secret Ryujin Core Set RA Core Set Emerald Dragon Core Set Odin Secret Core Set 4 Horseman Secret Cores Orion Secret Cores Set Frostbitten Secret Core Dread Captain Secret Core Zeus Secret Core Set Hades Secret Core Poseidon Secret Core Ares Secret Core Apollo Secret Core Nike Secret Core Hephaestus core set Artemis Secret Cores Hera Secret Cores Bacchus Secret Cores Lady Justice Cores Perses Secret Cores Atlas Secret Cores Aura Secret Cores TheLegend27 Secret Cores