Secret Accessory Cores

Secret Accessory Cores

This is a list of all the secret accessory cores from game of war.  For secret core recipes check out the Secret Core Recipes page.

Scorching Light : Accessory

Blinded Eye Core   :   Cavalry Set

blinded eye core, secret accessory cores

secret accessory cores

 1: Hieroglyph of Touchhieroglyph of touch - Copy 2: Hieroglyph of Tastehieroglyph of taste - Copy  3: Hieroglyph of Hearinghieroglyph of hearing- Copy
4: Hieroglyph of Thoughthieroglyph of thought- Copy   5: Hieroglyph of Sighthieroglyph of sight- Copy 6: Hieroglyph of Smellhieroglyph of smell- Copy

Scorching Light


scorching light, secret accessory cores

secret accessory cores



Divine Promise:  accessory

Accessory Core: Fishermans Cup Core    :   Infantry

Fishermans Cup Core, secret accessory cores

secret accessory cores

 1: Lacquer Box
Lacquer Box
2: Sake Bottle
Sake Bottle
 3: Hour Glass
4: Elegant Red Ribbon
Elegant Red Ribbon
  5: Palace Pearls
Palace Pearls
6: Silver Scales
Silver Scales

Divine Promise

Divine Promise, secret accessory cores

secret accessory cores



Dragon Radiance : Accessory

Accessory: Dragon Talisman  core           :   Ranged

Dragon Talisman, secret accessory cores

secret accessory cores

Secret Recipe Pieces

 1: Jade Dragonjade dragon - Copy 2: Jade Tiger  jade tiger - Copy  3: Jade Horse Jade horse - Copy
4: Jade Monkeyjade monkey - Copy   5:Lucky Coins
lucky coins - Copy
6:  mystic knot mystic knot

Dragon Radiance

Dragon radiance, secret accessory cores

secret accessory cores



Armageddon: Accessory

Accessory: Asteroid core: Troop Attack/Health

asteroid core, secret accessory cores

secret accessory cores

Secret Recipe Pieces

 1: pestilence
2: war
 3: deathDeath
4: Famine

6:  Mortality       Mortaility


Armageddon, secret accessory cores

secret accessory cores



Flute of Doom: Accessory

Accessory: Flute Core : Troop Attack

Flute core
Secret Recipe Pieces

 1: Freak Coin
Freak coin
2: Rosemary

 3: Sandstone

4: Basilisk Egg  Basilisk Egg    5:Weight     weight

 6:  Grass Thorn 

Grass Thorn

Flute of Doom

Flute of Doom


Fist of fury: Accessory

Accessory: Protected Hands Core: Defence

Protected Hands Armour core

Secret Recipes Pieces:  

 1: Corrosive Acidcorrosive acid 2: Smokey bbq Sauce
smokey bbq sauce
 3: Ornamental Pin

 Ornamental Pin

4: Tar


  5: Toy Cactus

Toy Cactus

6: Tin Brick

Tin Brick

Fists of Fury

Fists of fury



Decimation : Accessory

Accessory: Comet Core: Defence/Health

comet core

Secret Recipes Pieces:  

 1: Iceice 2: Famine
 3: Death


4: Pestilence






Cataclsm: Accessory

accessory: Comet core: Defence/Health

comet core

Secret Recipes Pieces:  

 1: warwar 2: famine
 3: DeathDeath
4: PestilancePestilence   5: Gold dustgold dust 6: Iceice




Annihilation: Accessory

Accessory: Asteroid Core:Troop Attack/Health

asteroid core

Secret Recipes Pieces:  

 1: Warwar 2: Famine
 3: Death


4: Pestilence






Spirit Walkers Wand: Accessory

The Peshesh Kef Wand combined with Desert Sand,Imsets Protection,Gold Dust,Baboons Protection,Falcons Protection and Griffin Egg creates the Spirit Walkers Wand.

Peshesh Kef Wand    :   Defence/Health/Enemy troop Attack Debuff

  peshesh kef wand

 1: Desert Sand
Desert Sand
2: Imsets Protection
imsets protection
 3: Gold Dustgold dust
4: Baboons Protection
baboons protection
5: Falcons Protection
falcons protection
6: Griffin Egg
Griffin Egg

Spirit Walkers Wand

spirit walkers wand



Concubine’s Chain :Accessory

The Nose Chain core combined with Adhesive Mixture,Round Beads,Spring Coil,Fabric dyes,Coating Glaze and Corrosive Acid creates the Concubine’s Chain.

Nose Chain    :   Defence/Health

  Nose chain core

 1: Adhesive Mixture
adhesive mixture
2: Round Beads
round beads

3: Spring Coil

Spring Coil


4: Fabric Dyes
Fabric dyes
5: Coating Glaze
Coating Glaze
6: Corrosive Acid
corrosive acid

Concubine’s Chain

concubines chain



Roman Harp :Accessory

The Harp core combined with Fiber Cushion,Poison,Polish Liquid,Ornamental Pin,Soft Sponge and Fine Powder creates the Roman Harp.

  The Harp  :   Troop Defence

  Harp core

 1: Fiber Cushion
2: Poison

3: Polish Liquid

polish liquid

4: Ornamental Pin
Ornamental Pin
5: Soft Sponge
Soft Sponge
6: Fine Powder
fine powder

Roman Harp

Roman Harp



Conjoined Limbs : Accessory

The Conjoined Parasitic core combined with Mesh Square,Nail Stake,Cloth Button,Desert Sand,Ornamental Pin and Corrosive Acid creates the Conjoined Limbs.

Conjoined Parasitic Core    :   Infantry Attack/Troop Health

conjoined parasitic core

 1: Mesh Square
Mesh Square
2: Nail Stake
nail stake
 3: Cloth Button

cloth button

4: Desert Sand

Desert Sand

  5: Ornamental Pin

Ornamental Pin

6: Corrosive Acid

corrosive acid

Conjoined Limbs

conjoined limbs



Hog Chitlins Quiver : Accessory

The Hog Quiver core combined with Fiber Cushion,Spring Coil,Poison,Clasp,Soft Sponge and Fine Powder creates the Hog Chitlins Quiver.

Hog Quiver Core    :   Ranged Attack/Ranged Defence/Troop Defence 

hog quiver core

 1: Fiber Cushion
2: Spring Coil
Spring Coil
 3: Poison


4: Clasp


  5: Soft Sponge

Soft Sponge

6: Fine Powder

fine powder

Hog Chitlins Quiver

Hog chitlins quiver



Greek Signum Standard : Accessory

The Roman Standard Core combined with Round beeds,spring coil,Natural Magnet,Sand,Clasp and Gold Dust creates the Greek Signum Standard.

Roman Standard    :   Ranged Attack/Ranged Defence/Troop Health 

Roman Standard

 1: Round Beads
round beads
2: Spring Coil
Spring Coil
 3: Natural Magnet

Natural Magnet

4: Clasp


  5: Desert Sand

Desert Sand

6: Gold Dust

gold dust

Greek Signum Standard

Greek signum standard



Viridian Embrace: Accessory

The Chipped Spike Core combined with Emerald Spines,Dragon Eye,Dragon wing web,Emerald Crystal,Shoulder Plates and Dragon Neck Scales  creates the Viridian Embrace.

Chipped Spike   :

chipped spike

 1: Emerald spines
emerald spines
2: Dragon Eye
dragon eye
 3: Dragon wing web

dragon wing web

4: Emerald Crystal

emerald crystal

  5: Shoulder Plates

shoulder plates

6: Dragon Neck Scales

dragon neck scales

Viridian Embrace

viridian embrace


Volcanic Eruption: Accessory

The Volcano Core combined with Tar,Flint,Ring of envy,Lost wheel,Spring Coil and Mesh square  creates the Volcanic Eruption.

Volcano Core   :

Volcano core

 1: Tar


2: Flint


 3: Ring of Envy

Ring of envy

4: Lost wheel

Lost Wheel

  5: Spring Coil

Spring Coil

6: Mesh square

Mesh Square

Volcanic Eruption

Volcanic Eruption Core


Cats Victory: Accessory

The Kitty bowl Core combined with Glass Shard,Desert Sand,Intoxication,Weight,Imsets Protection and AntiquePottery creates the Cats Victory.

Kitty Bowl  :


 1: Glass Shard
Glass Shard
2: Desert Sand
Desert Sand
 3: Intoxication


4: Weight


  5: Imsets Protection

Imset's Protection

6: AntiquePottery

Antique Pottery

Cats Victory


The Seekers Protection Core Combined with Wolf’s Teeth,Raven’s Eye,Sleipnir’s Horseshoe,Valkyries Wings,  Whispers of Ragnarok, and the Shards of Ice Creates Ethereal Protection

Accessory: Seekers Protection core

seekers protection

Secret Recipe Pieces

 1: Wolf’s Teeth
wolfs teeth
2: Raven’s Eye
ravens eye
 3: Sleipnir’s Horseshoe
sleipnirs horseshoe
4: Valkyries Wings
valkyries wings
  5:Whispers of Ragnarok

whispers of ragnarok

6: Shards of Ice

shards of ice

=  ethereal protection

Ethereal Protection


Accessory: Astral Ring Core

The Astral Ring Core combined with Solar Light,Constellations,Celestial Essence,Starlight Essence,Supernova and Planetary Void creates Ascended Power

astral ring core
Secret Recipe Pieces

 1: Solar Light
     solar light
2: Constellations
 3: Celestial Essence

Celestial Essence

4: Starlight Essence
Starlight Essence
6: Planetary Void        

planetary void

Ascended Power

ascended power



Accessory: Frozen Horn Core

The Frozen Horn Core combined with Winter Essence ,Frozen Soul,Icy Grip,Silver Seal,Deer Pelt and Broken Antler yields the Frostbitten Echo

Frozen Horn Core
Secret Recipe Pieces

Winters Essence

Winter Essence

Frozen Soul

Frozen Soul

Icy Grip

Icy Grip

Silver Seal

Silver Seal

Deer Pelt

Deer Pelt

Broken Antler

Broken Antler

Frostbitten Echo

Frostbitten echo




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