Boosted Buildings

Boosted Buildings These are the boost ive managed to get from my account. Please post if yours is bigger as its nice to see how high these can go.Each building has a particular type of boost so i may be wrong in some of them as there may be more to these buildings than ive said. Acadamy Acadamy is for Enemy troop defence debuff   Alter Alter is for Ranged attack   Barracks Barracks are for troop specific , so will be any of the 3 types,ranged,cavalry and Infantry   Embassy Embassy is for Troop defence   Forge Forge is for Troop Health   Gymnos Gymnos is for infantry   Hall of War Hall of War is for Troop Attack   Hospital Hospital is for…

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Biggest Nurf

Insane nurf.     if you have bigger nurfs please post them here

New Researches after Academy 24 and workshop 24

These are the new researches after you have done academy 24 and workshop 24 that gets unlocked.                     

Biggest Stronghold to burn

This is the biggest burn ive seen so far in Kingdom 74.     Just goes to show that having a big power without right set up and you will still burn without a hero.


I would like to know what people have used and what is best pieces to use in anti frost core sets, If someone knows please comment!!! Thnx! :–))   D1sastrpiece

kvk ke 17thapril 2016 ZaH

Great kvk ke for ZaH as usual. ZaH Managed to get 25 billion points and most of that was points positive by playing smart. I hope mz bring out more kvk ke as its getting kinda boring waiting around for the next kvk ke.               

KVK KE 5th March 2016 ZaH

A Great performance from ZaH  as usual and the whole alliance contributed to points , well 90% of ZaH. This shows how active ZaH is and how smart we play as an alliance as we dont rely on one player to do all the scoring like many other alliances,Its a pure group effort.           

kvk ke 21st February 2016 ZaH

  Fairly active kvk ke as most of ZaH contributed to score. Well done

6-7th February kvk kill event 12 way final.Super Brawl Kill Event . ZaH

Our Kingdom has Won the tournament  🙂  This was not possible without team work. The whole kingdom came together when it mattered. As a kingdom we zeroed multiple targets together .It was great to see.  The kingdom had 4 alliances finish in the top 10 and was led by sMw who topped the group with a massive score.sMw had 3 players finish in the top 10 and these were Emil85a who finished first and ILAND SHADOW who finished 3rd and UR NEMESIS who came 4th.Well done guys for the effort you must have put in.Amazing 😆 The scores below are ZaH. We battled smart as usual and hardly lost heros.Well everyone apart from me 🙁                        Since people can port…

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KVK KE 31st january 2016 ZaH

Our Kingdom finished first out of the 6 way kvk ke. Zah played smart as usual and only attacked players we thought that were not traps and always tested out a trap before we commit to attacking. During the kvk ke we may have only lost 1 hero which shows that we play smart.We held the wonder a lot during this kvk ke as there were not many targets out there. MZ changed the times which was the first time they did some thing useful as this kvk ke the Europeans had a chance to take part.First time this happened i think. We did not finished in the top 10 but thats only due to playing smart. We were very active during the whole kvk…

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