Debuff Custom Core set

Debuff Custom Core Set

This page lists the latest debuff custom core sets for game of war.
Metastock Free

Faded Headdress Core Manticore Tooth Club Core Emerald Legging Core Famishing Armor
faded headdress core manticore tooth club core emerald legging core famishing armor core
Troop Attack 66% Troop Attack 26.4%
Troop Defence 42% Troop Defence 33.14%
Troop Health 102% Troop Health 66%
Enemy Troop Attack Debuff 48%
Enemy troop Defence Debuff 69.96% Enemy Troop Defence Debuff 48%
Enemy Troop Health Debuff 48% Enemy troop Health Debuff 60% Enemy troop Health Debuff 42%
Haunted Flask Core Haunted Flask Core Haunted Flask Core
 haunted flask core haunted flask core haunted flask core
Enemy Infantry Health Debuff 100.08% Enemy Infantry Health Debuff 100.08% Enemy Infantry Health Debuff 100.08%
Enemy Troop Defence Debuff 80.04% Enemy Troop Defence Debuff 80.04% Enemy Troop Defence Debuff 80.04%  


Freak Coin

Freak Coin

Enemy Troop Defence Debuff 23% Enemy Troop Health Debuff 12% Enemy Cavalry Attack Debuff 23%
Black Fur Mantle Black Fur Mantle Enemy Troop Defence Debuff 25.2% Infantry Defence 38.4%
Rusted Gorget Rusted Gorget Enemy Troop Health Debuff 30% Troop Attack Bonus 24%
Cursed Vision

Cursed Visions

Enemy Troop Health Debuff 23% Troop  Attack Bonus 26%
Flute Of Harmony Flute Of Harmony Enemy Troop Defence Debuff 18.6% Enemy Troop Attack Debuff 15.6% Troop Attack Bonus 12%
Tusk Wand

Tusk Wand

Enemy Troop Defence Debuff 36% Troop Attack Bonus 12%

Extra Pieces if needed

Mortality Mortality Enemy Troop Defence Debuff 18.55% Troop Attack Bonus 15.13%
Nightmare Affliction Nightmare Affliction Ranged Attack 25% Enemy Troop Health Debuff 15% Troop Attack Bonus 15%













custom cores debuff

Here are some examples of using this set .

results 1 results 2

results 3

Before gems attached

before gems debuff before gems debuff troop attack

After the gems were attached and equipped

overall enemy troop debuff when equipped overall troop boost with gems


This set is great for soloing people that are low powered below 600 million. Can go higher but it all depends on target and how good he or she is.

For rallies it’s great up to 2 billion power players but obviously if players equip cores then may not be as effective.  I’ve had great results using this set and a few players below 1.6 billion even had full cores on and I still won on points but only just.