Best Cores

Best Cores

This page is for the stats for the best cores for game of war. With these stats it makes building custom best cores easy.  All you have to do is decide what type of skill you require and then look at its stats.  Then you move to pieces stats and then do the same there. So for example if you wanted Troop Attack you would look at the best cores (Helm, Armor, Foot, Weapon and Accessory) for troop attack and once you have them you would get the stats for troop attack on the pieces page, then build your cores with the pieces.

Metastock Free

This is the way forward as not everyone can build secret cores as it requires constant spending.  All cores should be made to level 6 (Legendary) but pieces can be made to level 5 as they are used greatly so maintaining level 6 pieces require serious spending. The stats between level 6 and level 5 are not huge so your better off building to level 5 on pieces.

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Also currently working on creating a pieces page so bear with us as it’s a lot of work. Hopefully should have them updated in a few days time.