Battle Tactics

How to zero players from 0 up to 500 million with 3 different rally leaders.

The quickest and most effective way to zero any player below 500 million is via teamwork.

There should be 3 rally leaders with specialized gears to suit. Infantry, Calvary and ranged rally leaders. You can zero a player with ease if you take turns in rallying. If you have a scout report then you should target there bigger troop types first .

The first rally could be ranged so as it kills most of the infantry troops first. Make certain that all players that join your rallies always look at what the rally leader has sent first as you should be sending exactly the same troops as he does in this case ranged. Once this rally is complete the next rally is set from another player who has Infantry specialized. Let this march with all infantry troops only and this will kill Cavalry troops. Once this rally is complete the next rally leader steps in who is cavalry specialized, this will kill the ranged troops, once this hits you repeat the process as above until the player is zeroed.

By rallying like this you are going to zero the player very fast as its using all the troops evenly so your rallies will kill as much as possible with each hit. If you only stuck to one troop type then your rallies wont kill as much once one particular troop types die out and you will struggle to zero the player. His troops then have the advantage of being the stronger troops against your troops.

For example, if you rallied with infantry and you killed most of his Calvary, so now he only has ranged and infantry left so next rally you will struggle to kill as his ranged are stronger than your infantry and infantry is weak against ranged so you will lose similar amount of troops but your kills would have most likely halved so not an effective way to zero a player.

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