Anti Frost Gears Sets

Anti Frost Gears Sets

This page looks at anti frost gears sets, with the introduction of Frostbitten core sets  its opened up a new front in Cavalry Attack. If you don’t have the right gears on the anti frost gears sets will wipe out troops pretty quickly.  The best way to counter the frost gear is to have a core set ready for the attack. Since it’s a cavalry attack its best to have infantry defence and attack high so as they kill off the cavalry easily.

Ryujin Core Set

The best set to put on would be the Ryujin Core Set. This set has high infantry attack of around 1900-2000%, with high troop attack bonus around 1200%.  This also has around 2000% Troop defence bonus so any frost bitten set will be pretty useless against this set up. Obviously not every one can make these sets so the alternative is to make a custom set. I’ve put some custom sets that could do the trick below.

Anti Frost infantry attack

HELM Seekers Greathelm core

seekers greathelm core, anti frost gears sets

204% Infantry Attack

Inflated Armor core

inflated armor core, anti frost gears sets

154% Infantry Attack

Prosthetic leg core

prosthetic leg core

154% Infantry Attack

Battered Sword Core

battered sword core

119% Infantry Attack

Fallen Champion Gauntlet

fallen champion gauntlet core

97% Infantry Attack


Anti Frost Infantry Defence

Seekers Greathelm core

seekers greathelm core

42% Infantry Defence

Elephant Hide Body

elephant hide body armor core

101.8% Infantry Defence

Plated Greaves

plated greaves core

117% Infantry Defence

Spider Switch Sword core

spider switch sword core

66% infantry Defence
Astral Ring Core

Astral Ring Core


Seekers Protection core

seekers protection core

95% Infantry Defence





94.8% Infantry Defence


As you can see from the above its using infantry troops as they are used to kill cavalry troops with ease as they are the strongest troo

Id suggest putting gems that make the sets primary strengths even stronger type gems.So look to attach infantry attack and defence gems and debuffs. The main point is to put gems that can kill cavalry troops as that is what you are targeting.

Ive not tested any of the above on frostbitten sets but it seems the most logical solution to the frost problem. Or you can always go for a core set high in defence and set the gems up so it targets cavalry.Hope this helps.