Alchemy Attack Set

Alchemy Attack Set

Custom Attack set that i find pretty good.



Troop Attack 135%-153%




Enemy Troop Defence Debuff 144%-163%

Lizard Eye

Troop Attack 118%-133%

Raven Claw

Troop Attack 59%-67%
Enemy Troop Defence Debuff 59%-67%

Spider Fangs

Troop Attack 59%-67%
Enemy Troop Health Debuff 59%-67%

Ogre Femur

Troop Defence 51%-58%
Troop Health 118%-133%

Snake Tonque

Troop Health 152%-172%


The last 2 can be replaced by ether a specific troop type (Snake Venom,Frogs Legs,Fish Scales)and all types attack(Crushed Jasper) if wanted.


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